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Our Techniques

New Providence Chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Frasco

There are a variety of different techniques that chiropractors use today. Over the 114 year history that chiropractic has been around, there have been many pioneers in our profession who developed different ways of practicing chiropractic. The reason we use a variety of different techniques, is to be able to “customize” the technique to each patient’s individual needs. The following is a brief description of the primary techniques we use in our practice:

1. Chiropractic BioPhysics®, or CBP®, is in short, a higher level of chiropractic. It is a more knowledgeable, comprehensive, systematic, scientific approach to chiropractic, which provides predictable results for patients and will contribute to building a more stable and successful chiropractic outcome. Support for this claim includes a considerable amount of data from research, the experience of numerous flourishing CBP® practitioners, and the longevity of the approach. CBP® combines standard chiropractic joint adjustments with mirror image® (opposite position) postural adjustments, mirror image® spinal/postural exercise, and mirror-image® traction to provide more permanent relief and improved spinal correction outcomes.

2. Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a chiropractic diagnostic method using manual muscle-strength testing for medical diagnosis and a subsequent determination of prescribed therapy. According to followers of the theory, it gives feedback on the functional status of the body. AK draws together many similar therapies. It attempts an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to health care.

3. Diversified Technique is the classic chiropractic technique, developed by D.D. Palmer, DC. The focus is on restoration to normal biomechanical function, and correction of subluxtion. In addition, Diversified methods have been developed to adjust extremities like ankles, knees, hips shoulders, elbows and wrist joints, allowing for beneficial applications in treating sports injuries and other injuries. Diversified adjusting of the spine uses specific lines of drives for all manual thrusts, allowing for specificity in correcting mechanical distortions of the spine.

4. The Impulse Adjusting Instrument. Born Out of More Than a Decade of Research and Engineering, The Impulse Adjusting Instrument Features New Wave Technology Tuned in to the Natural Frequency of the Body, Resulting in More Efficient and Effective Chiropractic Adjustments. This instrument offers patients a totally painless, totally safe approach to spine correction, especially for patients who cannot tolerate manual adjustments or are concerned about safety.

5. Lumbar Cervical Decompression Therapy, see toolbar for complete details under “Decompression”.

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